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Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Fabric for Sound by Acoustone
Vinyl Coated Fiberglass

Designer Fabrics for Sound by Acoustone.
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Vinyl Answer?

High-tech yarns of fiberglass core, coated with vinyl, are the secret of Acoustone fabrics. Their fundamental structure smoothes the way for sound, dramatically reducing sound loss common with ordinary spun yarns.

Apply Yourself

To cover a perforated metal grille, simply unscrew the enclosure frame, wrap fabric around edges, and fasten with glue or staples.

To cover a cluster of speakers, we recommend building simple frames. You can attach Acoustone to frames, using hinges to vary configurations.

Colors and Patterns Abound

Architects, designers and engineers, we understand your job. Our company has carefully put together a line of colors and patterns you can work with. Choose from samples like those below, or send for swatch cards. We almost certainly carry the fabric that works best with your design.

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